Source of reading passage:  English in Action Workbook 2, page 13

New York City

    New York City is the largest city in the United States with a population of over eight million people.  More than 25 million tourists visit New York every year.

    New York is busy 12 months a year, 24 hours a day.  There is always something to do.  If you like art, there are more than 25 museums.  The largest museum is the Metropolitan Museum of Art with over two million works of art.  If you enjoy music, you can listen to one of the 33 orchestras or 28 opera companies.  Many people visit New York to see a show at a Broadway theater.

    If you are hungry, there are restaurants from every country in the world.  Try food from Thailand, or Afghanistan, or Morocco.  If you are tired, sit in Central Park and look at people walking, playing sports, or riding their bikes.  And if you like sports, there is always a game to watch.  New York has two baseball teams, two football teams, two ice hockey teams, and one basket ball team.

    It is easy to travel around New York by bus, taxi, or subway.  Don't try to drive! There are too many cars in New York now.  If you need help, ask a friendly New Yorker to give you directions.


  1. How many paragraphs are there in this reading?
  2. How many sentences are there is paragraph one?
  3. How many sentences are there is paragraph two?

Comprehension Questions
Answer the following comprehension questions.  Use complete answers.

  1. Is New York City large?
  2. What is the population of New York?
  3. How many art museums are there in New York?
  4. Is the Metropolitan Museum of Art the biggest art museum in New York?
  5. Why do many people visit New York City?
    Many people visit New York City because ________________________
  6. Are there restaurants from many different countries in New York?
  7. What do people do in Central Park?
  8. Is it a good idea to drive your car in New York?
  9. Why isn't it a good idea to drive your car in New York City?
  10. How do people travel in New York City?