CDAC Mini-Grants and other funding sources

CDAC Grant Form
CDAC provides “mini-grants” to classified staff members who wish to engage in development activities. The grants can be used for conferences, workshops, online courses, or classes. Expenses other than books, materials, and food can be included. The annual maximum grant is $200 per staff member, but the grant can be combined with other funding sources, such as those below. Contact a CDAC member, or use a form above to apply. Group grants are also available for group activities.

Tuition Waiver Form and Instructions
All state employees may take courses at community colleges or state universities, up to six credits per quarter, without paying tuition. This allows classified staff to take courses at Seattle Central, or other campuses of Seattle Colleges for free. Staff need to attend the first few days of class and then register and submit a tuition exemption form. A registration fee may be necessary, but can be covered by a CDAC mini-grant. Contact a CDAC member, or use the tuition waiver form above.

Association Scholarship
The Association of Washington Community and Technical College Administrators offers a scholarship for staff who are pursuing a degree in the field of college administration. Applicants must be full-time permanent staff who have worked at a community or technical college for at least five years. They must express an interest in continuing their careers in college administration, and be endorsed by the President. The scholarship award is up to $1200 per year. Contact a CDAC member, or use the Association Scholarship form above.

The President’s Fund Scholarship
President’s Fund Application & Guidelines
Seattle Central College offers the President’s Professional Development Fund for staff members to attend courses, workshops, and conferences that relate to their jobs. Staff members may apply each quarter, and there is a $1000 annual limit. Contact a CDAC member, or use the President’s Fund form above. You can also check out all of the college’s professional development grants here.

WFSE/AFSCME Union Scholarships
The classified staff union has many scholarships available for staff members and their families. These scholarships range from grants for single courses to amounts that cover college tuition. For more information, or to apply, visit




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