Shots Fired! When Lightening Strikes! July 7th 6PM – 9PM Room BE1110

While the odds of being involved in an active shooter event are as remote as being struck by lightening or struck by a bus, the impact when it does occur is so extreme that more and more Colleges and Universities are recognizing the need to develop active shooter response plans and policies, and to train their communities for this possibility.  This active shooter training is designed to provide you with best practices on how to prevent and, if necessary, how to respond to an active shooter situation.   

This training covers readiness, response, and recovery from the college/university, and law enforcement perspectives.  It will focus on the behavior of active shooters and the pathway to violence.  It will also address threat assessment, dealing with the at-risk employee/student, and what to do if or when an active shooter incident were to happen on our campus.

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Seattle Central College
1701 Broadway, Seattle, WA 98122