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Business Operations & Administrative Services

Business Services is committed to providing professional, accurate, and timely financial and business services to all of the students, employees, and clients of Seattle Central College.

We are committed to supporting the college's mission of creating a learning environment that is accessible, diverse, responsive, and innovative. Our website contains more detailed information on all of the services we offer, including how to complete the commonly used business forms and documents.

Business Services Staff

Phyllis Gretchenuk
Interim Director of Business Operations

  • Operating Budgets (Funds: 101, 123, 149, 3E0 & AVI)
  • Oversee the Business Office and Cashier's Office
  • Interdepartmental Charges and Credits (IDCs)
  • Full Time Employee ENSRCs
  • Fee and Fee Code Requests
  • Budget Number Requests

Jenny Tran
Fiscal Analyst

  • ENSRCs
  • Accounts Receivable / Invoice Billings
  • Purchase Requisitions / Orders
  • Invoice Vouchers
  • Business Office Credit Card
  • Part Time Faculty Contracts

James (Jim) Anderson
Cashier Manager

  • Cashier Staff Supervisor
  • Student Accounts Management
  • Manage Daily Cashier Operations
  • Nelnet Process Management

Note: All the cashiers process daily deposits.

Meg Cayanan

Maude (Micki) Deputy

Please send the following documents to BE4180

Janet Barker
Fiscal Compliance Officer

  • Grants and Contracts
  • Non–Operating Budgets (Funds: 145, 148, 448, 522, 524, 528, 569, 570, 573, 840, 846, 849, 850 & 860)
  • Fiscal Compliance
  • Fixed Asset Inventory

Rachel Cahan
Executive Assistant to the VP of Administrative Services

  • Corporate Travel Card
  • Travel Requisition (TAR / TEV)

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